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Goffs Academy maximise energy efficiency

In two very different use cases

Sector: Education

The client: Goffs Academy in Hertfordshire

The project: This 2 storey, low carbon in operation expansion project provides two distinct areas with greatly differing use cases which required varying solutions to enable EPC ratings of A and A+ for energy usage.

The building is a 2 storey building split into two distinct areas which provide teaching accommodation in 8 classrooms and incorporate associated offices and also a commercial gym operator (Lifestyle Fitness). With the building being split into significantly different use areas we offered multiple solutions for heating, water and ventilation to suit each area to achieve the high energy performance ratings.

The roof of the building has 274 solar panels which are split to provide power to both the gym and teaching parts of the building. 182 panels provide 61.8 KW of solar power generation to the gym areas and 92 solar panels provide 31.3 Kw of solar power generation to the teaching accommodation.

Hot water heating is entirely electrically powered with local point of use water heaters located within the teaching accommodation. Due to the increased hot water consumption required within the gym area the hot water is generated using roof-mounted air source heat pumps which extract heat from the surrounding air to heat the hot water cylinders.

This project is a great example of flexible solutions to achieve not only high energy performance throughout but also in achieving your drivers for maximum value for generations to come.

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