The NetZero difference

We design, build, and fund intelligent zero carbon buildings

We’re committed to developing new buildings that are higher quality, delivered faster with lower costs whilst being kinder to the environment.

An offsite manufacturer offering turnkey solutions for new buildings, our multi-award winning developments are designed by our specialist team of architects and engineers.  State of the art BIM design software and high-tech manufacturing processes are the basis of the impressive results we generate for our clients. 

Partnership approach

What we do

Design and build

We create industry leading solutions, designed by our team of architects and engineers. Our unique specifications enable us to deliver outstanding results: high quality, radically efficient buildings which are both rapid and affordable.

We offer flexible funding products tailored to meet the client’s requirements and are available for all, or part, of our services and project work.

We are BOPAS accredited and can provide robust guarantees for all of our work. Additionally, we can provide standard or bespoke maintenance plans where required.


What we stand for

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Lean, Green & Clean


Why choose offsite?

Faster build

Building in a controlled environment significantly improves efficiencies:

  • Groundworks programme completed in tandem with the manufacturing programme
  • Certainty of time
  • Precision engineering offers certainty in cost, quality and building performance
  • Site orientation and training is minimised
  • Earlier occupation or return on investment


Reduced environmental impact

  • Every kWh of energy that a building consumes is ‘generated’, traditionally this has involved the combustion of fossil fuels, which in turn produces CO2.  Subsequently, our approach to this is to design and build structures that consume as little energy as possible, whilst utilising energy from clean renewable sources designed for the builds
  • Increased thermal insulation properties and lower air permeability rates require less heating and cooling, saving energy and CO₂.
  • An ISO14001 certified organisation, we have a robust environmental management system which aims to drive continuous improvement in our environmental performance
  • Waste is virtually ‘designed’ out, with any waste stream being diverted from landfills and either reduced, recycled or recovered.
  • Deliveries are minimised because products arrive in bulk, rather than individually to disparate sites.
  • Materials are received with minimal packaging to save time and waste on-site.
According to the UK Green Building Council, the built environment contributes 40 per cent of the UK’s total carbon footprint. Instead of creating buildings which only consume energy, we wanted to flip this approach on its head and deliver buildings that produce energy too. Mark Davis Partnerships Director at Public Sector Plc

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