The NetZero difference

We design, build, and fund intelligent zero carbon buildings for schools

We’re committed to developing new buildings that are higher quality, delivered faster with lower costs whilst being kinder to the environment.

An off-site manufacturer offering turnkey solutions for new buildings, our multi-award winning developments are designed by our in-house team of architects and engineers.  State of the art BIM design software and high-tech manufacturing processes are the basis of the impressive results we generate for our clients. 

That’s why we’re now established as a pioneer in off-site construction sector, delivering high quality, affordable radically efficient buildings with minimal disruption.

Premier Modular is one of the highest performing and profitable businesses in the dynamic offsite sector. Established in 1956, it manufactures high quality buildings for hire, long-term lease and sale, and offers a full range of design, offsite manufacturing, fitting out and construction services to public and private sector clients, and contractors. Premier specialises in delivering high quality, affordable and sustainable buildings in diverse markets including education, commercial, industrial, construction, healthcare, and residential.

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Design and build
We create multi-award-winning developments, designed by our in-house team of architects and engineers. Our unique specifications enable us to deliver outstanding results: high quality, radically efficient buildings which are both rapid and affordable.

We offer flexible funding products tailored to meet the client’s requirements and are available for all, or part, of our services and project work.

We are BOPAS accredited and can provide robust guarantees for all of our work. Additionally, we can provide standard or bespoke maintenance plans where required.


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Why off-site build?

Faster build

Building in a controlled environment significantly improves efficiencies:

  • Construction noise is never a factor
  • 24-hour operation becomes possible
  • Weather is never a factor
  • Stores are always well stocked and available
  • Safety is improved
  • Site orientation and training is minimised

Lower costs

  • Off-site construction enables us to achieve a level of precision and efficiency that is just not feasible with traditional on-site build; driving down our costs which can be passed onto our customers in the form of lower prices and a more competitive offering.
  • The labour work force can be employed directly rather than sub-contracted – ensuring better control and lower costs.

Reduced environmental impact

  • Every kWh of energy that a building consumes needs to be generated and traditionally this has involved the combustion of fossil fuels, which in turn produces CO2. Our approach to this environmental challenge is to design and build structures that consume as little energy as possible whilst generating as much as possible from a clean, renewable source.
  • Our buildings reverse climate change; the net carbon contribution of our buildings is substantially negative (-75 kgCO2 per m2 per annum), compared to industry benchmark data of +66 kgCO2 per m2 per annum (Source: Independent Arup Report 2017).
  • Waste is almost completely eliminated and wood off-cuts are used as biomass fuel to provide space heating in our manufacturing facility.
  • Deliveries are minimised because products arrive in bulk, rather than individually to disparate sites.
  • Materials are received without packaging that saves time and waste. A local labour pool travels a short distance to one site.
  • Fewer vehicle movements: there are up to 90% fewer vehicle movements to site, further reducing disruption, congestion and carbon emissions.
This classroom is a lovely addition to our school. All the staff want to work in it because it is self contained and very spacious; it’s also pretty soundproof too as well as aesthetically pleasing. Spencer Clayton Headteacher, Queenswell Junior School

Our key specifications


We’ll ensure the foundation type selected is the most efficient and cost efficient solution available for you. Our buildings are a permanent solution – that’s why we install a variety of different concrete foundation solutions providing rapid installation, highly effective insulation and a rigid floor solution.

Structured Insulated Panel (SIP) Walls

Each SIP consists of 150mm of high performance foam insulation, sandwiched between two structural plywood boards. A versatile, low-cost, thoroughly modern method of construction with several advantages: it’s as strong as bricks and mortar, can be clad in an infinite variety of attractive finishes and is twice as energy efficient as Building Regulations requirements.

Ventilation and Heat Recovery 

Our Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system is state-of-the-art efficient technology; combining comfort with economy. Heat is removed from the stale air before it is expelled, and used to pre-warm the fresh air as it is supplied – recycling over 90% of the heat in the building.

Smart Space Heating 

Intelligent air-handling units are installed throughout the building. The building’s excellent insulation, its heat capture and storage, and its airtight construction all mean that the demand for heat is much lower than in traditional buildings.

Energy Efficient Lighting

The very latest efficient low-energy LED lighting systems are specified and installed – so you gain higher light levels from fewer watts, a 50% reduction in lighting costs with motion controls embedded to ensure lights are only on when needed.

Water Heating 

The high-tech interior systems are completed by the latest in renewable water heating – a class-leading co-efficient process, utilising internal air instead of fresh air from outside.

Integrated Solar PV Roof 

The roof is entirely covered by solar photovoltaic panels. A 29kW array will generate savings of around £2,500 each year from avoided electricity costs.


Monitoring equipment is integrated to provide a detailed breakdown of both energy consumption and renewable energy generation. This is wirelessly transmitted and available to view in real-time; measuring expenditure on lighting, IT, space heating, water heating, and ventilation, as well as solar PV generation and export.

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