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Creating the UK's largest zero carbon building

Sector: Education

The client: Biddenham International School and Sports College, Bedfordshire

The project: Biddenham is a very successful, expanding school in Bedford where the governors and local authority wanted to establish a new middle school for Years 7 and 8. NetZero Buildings initially built the first phase (of three) buildings in 2014 as part of a wider project to upgrade energy efficiency throughout the estate. In 2017 we were asked to develop a ‘campus within a campus’: two mirror classroom blocks for Year 7 and a larger single building for Year 8. At 2300m2, these combined to make up the UK’s largest net zero carbon building. Aesthetically appealing, cost efficient and environmentally sound, the new complex demonstrates the genuine innovation and client sensibility at the heart of our design philosophy.

This is a top quality building that has enabled us to create a new generation of learning environments. Not only is it ‘smart’, simple to operate and easy to maintain, it is highly durable with a long-term resilience. It gives the pupils a safe, warm and comfortable building that’s an excellent teaching and learning environment. Executive Principal Biddenham International School
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