Neil Smith

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What is your prediction for the future of the construction sector in the UK?

Last November the government announced a “presumption in favour of off-site construction”. The methodology is now mature and proven and as the off-site segment grows, it will be a magnet for great new technology. Automation, robotics and A.I. will transform the already favourable economics and accelerate the transition away from traditional methodologies.


Fast forward 10 years, where do you see NetZero Buildings?

By 2028, Contech (construction technology) will be an established industry sub-sector. NZB will be a significant global brand, universally recognised as transforming the speed cost and environmental impact of new buildings.


Give me your number one benefit of offsite over traditional build methods?

Massive reduction of time elapsed on-site.

If you were Head of Building for the UK, what one thing would you change?

New buildings should emit zero carbon dioxide emissions and should cost nothing to heat and light. The technology that makes this possible has existed for 50 years. The technology is now affordable without subsidies and it should be mandatory.

What do you love most about working for NetZero Buildings?

It’s such a buzz to work with a talented and motivated team that shares a vision of a brighter future. Having the opportunity to transform an industry and set it on a more responsible course is both daunting and exciting. It’s a great company doing important work and I count myself extremely fortunate to be involved.