Jaime Ingram

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About Jaime

What is your prediction for the future of the construction sector in the UK?
There is a need for new education facilities as well as affordable housing across the UK, which needs to be taken care of by the authorities. The general implementation of BIM will be a crucial part of this development process, enabling efficiencies that will transform the construction industry and how we produce buildings.

Fast forward 10 years, where do you see NetZero Buildings?
I see NetZero as the leading off-site manufacture company in the UK, having integrated BIM workflows to automate design and manufacture tasks.
The design process will be coordinated seamlessly with the procurement and factory production through Building Information Databases. The Internet of Things will enable us to continuously monitor the performance of our manufacture facilities and buildings in order to implement new techniques to optimise them.
Finally, our core values of Energy Efficiency and sustainability will have become mandatory and the demand for NetZero buildings will increase drastically and become the norm.

Give me your number one benefit of offsite over traditional build methods?
To be able to assemble the most labour intensive and complicated parts of the building in a controlled environment.

If you were Head of Building for the UK, what one thing would you change?
I would put sustainability of the new buildings as a number one priority.

What do you love most about working for NetZero Buildings?
To be able to contribute to develop a company that shares the same values as I do.