Ellen Robinson

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What is your prediction for the future of the construction sector in the UK?

I predict that the future of construction holds more offsite construction and ‘flat-pack’ buildings, with less, if not any bricks and mortar – especially in response to the housing crisis and the growing global population.


Fast forward 10 years, where do you see NetZero Buildings?

In 10 years, I believe that NetZero Buildings will be one of the leading brands responsible for combatting climate change, for not just only schools, but for bigger projects also.


If you were Head of Building for the UK, what one thing would you change?

I would build more houses and schools – with an emphasis on sustainability and reducing the carbon emissions that each building emits. I believe that this would benefit communities in the UK in many different ways.

What do you love most about working for NetZero Buildings?

As a placement year student, it gives me the opportunity to experience living in London and working for a company that aligns with my ethical values for reducing carbon emissions.

Give me your number one benefit of offsite over traditional build methods?

Offsite building is so much more efficient than traditional methods as it allows for the construction to be standardised and more streamlined.