Daniel Salinas

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What is your prediction for the future of the construction sector in the UK?

New technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence will transform the way construction is done. More standard processes and more off-site construction will be highly implemented in the sector. Environmentally friendly buildings will be widely used across the UK

Fast forward 10 years, where do you see NetZero Buildings? 

NZB will be an international leading brand, recognised for transforming the speed, cost and environmental impact of new buildings in both the education and the housing sector.

If you were Head of Building for the UK, what one thing would you change?

I will highly encourage the use of sustainable buildings. That will be an enormous improvement for the UK

Give me your number one benefit of offsite over traditional build methods?

Huge reduction of time on-site which means less hassle for families.

What do you love most about working for NetZero Buildings?

It’s amazing to work in a professional and fun environment. The company has great values and an amazing vision to create a brighter future.