Adam May

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What is your prediction for the future of the construction sector in the UK?

Artificial intelligence (AI), software systems and autonomous construction equipment will replace most manual work throughout the engineering and construction chain Building Information Modelling (BIM), prefabrication, wireless sensors, automated and robotic equipment, and 3D-printing.

Construction activities will move largely to factories and the industry will use lean principles and advanced manufacturing processes to pre-fabricate modules that are later assembled on-site.

Fast forward 10 years, where do you see NetZero Buildings?

NetZero Buildings will be a market leader in using sustainable technologies and new materials meeting tough environmental regulations.

NetZero Buildings will be a market leader in offsite construction, for residential. Utilising its own IT system in collaboration with BIM, NetSuite & ARCHICAD.

If you were Head of Building for the UK, what one thing would you change?

Make borrowing easier by building affordable homes. It would be mandatory to have rainwater harvesting on every compatible home.

Give me your number one benefit of offsite over traditional build methods?

Speed: Significant time savings to be made using offsite modular construction. Project start to completion times cut by up to 50%, disruption to clients and the local community is minimised – a particular benefit in the case of a school or hospital.

What do you love most about working for NetZero Buildings?

Great work life balance, room to grow and be heard, no corporate politics, working closely with directors, innovative ideas encouraged.