Updated 29 August 2017

Net Zero Buildings design and construct Schoolhaus® – the UK’s most energy efficient school buildings

Schoolhaus® can save schools thousands of pounds a year, Schoolhaus® produces clean energy as well as a revenue stream thanks to Schoolhaus®‘ fully-integrated solar PV roof.

RankingSchool NameEPC RatingSizeAsset Rating
1Schoolhaus® at Chalgrove Primary SchoolA+100 m²-83
2Schoolhaus® at Palatine Primary SchoolA+127 m²-77
3Schoolhaus® at Plumberow Primary AcademyA+239 m²-75
=Schoolhaus® at Grasvenor Avenue Infant SchoolA+167 m²-75
5Schoolhaus® at Compass Primary AcademyA+209 m²-70
=Schoolhaus® at The Revel C of E Primary SchoolA+90 m²-70
7Schoolhaus® at Ormiston Venture AcademyA+321 m²-69
8Schoolhaus® at Desborough CollegeA+327 m²-68
9Schoolhaus® at Kingswood Primary AcademyA+168 m²-66
=Schoolhaus® at St John’s C of E Primary SchoolA+60 m²-66
11Schoolhaus® at Short Stay School for NorfolkA+428 m²-65
=Schoolhaus® at Moreton Hall Preparatory SchoolA+240 m²-65
13Schoolhaus® at Norwich Road AcademyA+135 m²-64
14Schoolhaus® at Queenswell Junior SchoolA+240 m²-63
15Schoolhaus® at Aylsham High SchoolA+127 m²-61
16Schoolhaus® at St Lawrence CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary SchoolA+128 m²-60
17Schoolhaus® at Booker Park Community School IIA+80 m²-56
=Schoolhaus® at Varndean SchoolA+56 m²-56
19Schoolhaus® at Castledon SchoolA+127 m²-55
=Schoolhaus® II at Varndean SchoolA+122 m²-55
21Schoolhaus® at The Orion Primary SchoolA+174 m²-51
=Schoolhaus® at St Agnes RC SchoolA+144 m²-51
=Schoolhaus® at Lancot Lower SchoolA+127 m²-51
24Schoolhaus® Library at Hamford Primary AcademyA+61 m²-49
25Schoolhaus® at Yanwath Primary SchoolA+73 m²-48
26Schoolhaus® at Lady Jane Grey Primary SchoolA+154 m²-46
=Montgomery Primary SchoolA+--46
28Schoolhaus® at Booker Park Community SchoolA+161 m²-45
29Schoolhaus® at Hamford Primary AcademyA+159 m²-44
=Schoolhaus® at Netherfield Primary SchoolA+87 m²-44