Net Zero Buildings provide intelligent energy efficient buildings, built off-site.

Off-site pre-fabrication delivers a range of proven benefits:

  1. Speed of build

“I was most impressed with how the building went up so quickly and with no disruption even during term time.”

– Kyrstie Joslin, Principal, Boothroyd Primary Academy

SchoolHaus-Manufacturing-Site-Net-Zero-Buildings-2Building in a controlled environment significantly improves efficiencies:

  • Construction noise is never a factor.
  • 24-hour operation is facilitated.
  • Weather is never a factor.
  • Stores are always well stocked and available.
  • Safety is improved.
  • Site orientation and training is minimised.
  1. Speed of installation

“I can’t believe the building went up in just seven days. Hopefully this will be the first of many buildings!”

– Mayor of Kirklees, Councillor Jim Dodds

Depending on size, a Schoolhaus® can be installed in 3-5 days on-site, which means that building can take place during term time rather than waiting for school holidays.

  1. Cost

“Their buildings encourage cost and energy efficiencies, this combined with the speed of delivery and flexibility of design made Net Zero Buildings the clear tender winner.”

– James Miller, National Director of Estates and Technology, Ormiston Academies Trust

Off-site has improved efficiencies and better processes than are possible with on-site build; driving down our costs which can be passed on to the customer in the form of lower prices and a more competitive offering.

The labour force can be employed directly rather than sub-contracted which facilitates better control and lower costs.

  1. Environmental impact

Waste is almost completely eliminated and wood offcuts are used as biomass fuel to provide space heating in our factory.

Deliveries are minimised because products arrive in bulk, rather than individually to disparate sites. Materials are received without packaging which saves time and waste. A local labour pool travels a short distance to one site.

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