Net Zero Buildings design and construct the UK’s most energy efficient school buildings – Schoolhaus® – our own proprietary design which we build off-site at our Newmarket facility.

The multi-award-winning Schoolhaus® designs run at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions; generating clean energy and revenue through integrated renewable energy sources.

Watch to see how a Schoolhaus® is put up in a day and is not only fun for the kids but costs the school nothing to run >>

We have several standard Schoolhaus® classroom designs as well as bespoke designs for classrooms, theatres, dining rooms, sports facilities, SEN and other multi-functional education spaces. All of which you can lease or buy. A standard classroom block can be assembled on your site in just four days.

“Even on a pretty cold winter’s day, the building only cost about 25p to heat and light!”

– School Governor, St John’s Church of England Primary School

Here are the key benefits of installing Schoolhaus®:

  • Affordable construction with zero running costs – ultra-low lifecycle costs
  • Airtight construction
  • Clean energy generation and revenue from integrated solar PV roofs
  • The most energy efficient school buildings in the UK
  • Multi-award-winning design
  • Standard designs and layouts

  • Negative carbon emissions rating
  • Excellent levels of insulation minimise heat loss
  • Rapid construction – we spend very little time on your site
  • State-of-the-art energy efficient heating and cooling mean Schoolhaus® can cost just £5/m2 per annum to run
  • A fraction of the cost of alternative solutions

Radically Efficient

Clean Energy

Revenue Generating


Off-site fabrication eliminates 90% of the waste associated with traditional construction practices. The energy-first design methodology ensures that Schoolhaus® uses very little heat and power, with annual consumption of 30 kWh per m2 per annum (as opposed to 300 kWh for a regular demountable).

The clean energy is generated by a building-integrated solar PV roof. Excess energy is used by other areas of the school which reduces energy demand from the grid, avoiding substantial costs and carbon emissions.

Schoolhaus® generates revenue, this is energy that you are creating and using on site, meaning that you don’t have to buy it from the grid. Further, additional revenue comes from Feed-in Tariffs, which reward investment in renewable energy plants and equipment. The Feed-in Tariffs provide a guaranteed index linked revenue stream over a 20-year period, c. £1,200 pa per classroom.

Typically, a new Schoolhaus® can be as much as 20% cheaper than competitors’ products before any allowance for the revenue generated from energy and subsidies in the form of Feed-in Tariffs from the fully-integrated solar PV roof.