Salix Finance empowers public sector organisations to take a lead in tackling climate change by helping to increase their energy efficiency.

salix_finance_2_largeSalix Finance – a not-for-profit organisation funded by Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Department for Education, the Welsh Government, the Scottish Government and Higher Education Funding Council for England – removes the barrier of significant upfront capital cost to investing in energy efficient technologies.

Salix provides interest-free loans for projects that fall within their compliance criteria: namely, that returns on investment and carbon savings must be proven to be achievable within a stipulated time period.

To date, Salix Finance has funded over 14,450 projects with 1,460 public sector bodies, valued at £462.9 million. This has saved the public sector over £116 million annually and £1.7 billion over the projects’ lifetime.

Eligible technologies include:

  • Lighting
  • Heating controls
  • Boiler and heating system upgrades
  • Pipework insulation

icon-lighting Did you know? icon-lighting

Energy efficient LED lighting for schools can save up to 80% of your total lighting costs.

We are proud to have delivered over 400 successful energy efficiency projects so far using £6.8m of Salix funded programmes.

How can UK Energy Partners help?

  1. We can provide a full Salix application management service.
  2. We will visit your site, conduct a full energy survey, construct a proposal incorporating our findings (along with your direct input) that complies fully with Salix eligibility criteria for energy and carbon savings, and present it to you.
  3. You then decide whether you wish to make an application to Salix for the funding – this still does not constitute a commitment either to Salix or to ourselves to proceed with the final project.
  4. We will manage your application with Salix directly and inform you once the finance has been successfully allocated. It is only at that point that you make a decision on whether to draw down the funds and engage us to proceed with the installation.