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Our panel solutions

A unique hybrid approach when flexibitlity without compromise is key

With our unique approach, we can blend different panel types to meet different compliance needs and client preferences without compromise.

Using our expertise and flexible approach you are able to take advantage of multiple substrates and panel types throughout your project design. Designing your project to meet the client's need, brings balance to compliance, and carbon, an approach that challenges most other panelised solutions.

Offering main contractors the ability to select solutions based on a range of options and performance

Whether a totally non-combustible approach for a tested wall build up or, a solution that measures, and delivers, the lowest embodied carbon or, contributes via the ultimate fabric to the lowest operational carbon in the delivery of buildings, we have the solution you need.

A range of systems in a range of substrates

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Structural panels

XGuard - A range of high performing steel and timber structural panel types, based on high performing wall build-ups


Internal wall panels

Load bearing walls (timber studs) with tested build ups for 60mins

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Floor cassettes

As part of our structure in PC plank, Steel or Timber Cassette

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Roof cassettes

A range of roof cassettes in steel and timber, mono pitched and flat applications, or traditional truss frame

Performance led approach

With so many factors to consider when designing your clients' projects, it's hard to find a solution that meets the many needs of today's modern clients. That's why at Net Zero Buildings we design with performance in mind. We look at the drivers and outcomes required from your clients brief first and then propose a solution that blends a multitude of different panel types and substrates to meet the varying needs.

The thermal performance of the panels can be measured in so many ways, with U-values, airtightness, or bridging, acoustic, carbon, robustness and fire, to name but a few.  Whilst many of our competitors argue that their solution is best, at NZB we understand that all systems are different and, that each client’s needs are different. 

Advantages of using the NZB approach

Flexibility with multiple systems

A hybrid approach to suit multiple needs

A range of substrates to choose from

High performance in compliance areas

A balance of compliance and carbon

The XGuard structural panel

Our structural panels branded as XGuard, provide the robust yet flexible solution you’ve been waiting for. With the simplicity of a structural panelised product, and the completeness of a flat packed volumetric wall helping address the conflicting challenges of airtightness, thermal, combustibility, embodied carbon and acoustics.

With a wide range of components including, internal walls, floor cassettes and roof cassettes in a range of different materials we have the flexibility to switch components to create a truly Hybrid Structure

Our response with XGuard is to offer the most robust balanced approach to zero carbon and combustibility with a structural solution

With the spotlight focused on reducing operational and embodied carbon there is now the need to balance these increasing fabric performance issues with the use of combustible insulants which is starting to impact clients choice due to external market influences such as insurance, DfE and others

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