Statement from Neil Smith: Chief Executive Officer at NetZero Buildings

“At NetZero Buildings we know the decisions we make today lay the foundations of tomorrow. It is that simple. That’s why, since 2013, NetZero Buildings have been committed to developing buildings that are kinder to our planet with net zero emissions.  Following Theresa May’s announcement last week to make the UK the first G7 country to commit in legislation to be carbon neutral by 2050, there has been a lot of questioning around how this will be achieved and why she has made this declaration now, as she prepares to step down as Prime Minister.

Whilst yes, there will naturally be questions, as a collective we need to look at how we reduce the UKs impact on the climate and address the immense issue that is facing us instead of asking ‘why now’. Climate action is not something that can be dealt with later and that is why our team are dedicated to reversing the effects of climate change. We have a responsibility, not just as an organisation but as a country to make conscious actions in how we shape the fortune of the next generations.

Renewable energy is no longer a concept of the future, because that future is now. It’s time to utilise the technology and design we have at our fingertips, to create a sustainable future. The built environment contributes to 40% of UK emissions, something that could be drastically reduced by implementing net zero emission buildings that do not rely on fossil fuels and generate renewable energy.

Contributing to a sustainable future should no longer just be a CSR sign off – let’s work together to create a future that generations to come can thrive in. That our children will be proud of.

Yes – we have a long way to go, but I truly believe that if we act instead of questioning and believe instead of doubting, we can achieve a net zero world. Regardless of political agenda, this issue needed to be acknowledged and I hope this sparks business across all industries to work harder to reduce their impact on the climate.

We are acting today to transform the speed cost and environmental impact of new buildings because we believe in building a brighter future for tomorrow.”

- Neil Smith, Chief Executive Officer at NetZero Buildings