NZB talk carbon neutral communities at Bristol Housing Festival

NZB talk carbon neutral communities at Bristol Housing Festival

As part of Bristol Housing Festival’s three-week industry-leading Virtual Expo beginning on the 12th October, two special events will focus on the importance of social housing and carbon neutrality in creating healthy, vibrant communities both in the city and across the UK. 

In a series of online webinars and networking opportunities across the free exhibition, experts in the housing and construction industry will virtually join local residents to discuss the future of housing in Bristol and beyond.

NetZero Buildings will form part of the panel in a free public event on Wednesday the 28th October, to explore what’s possible when creating carbon neutral communities and what needs to be considered to make this happen.

Business Development Lead from NZB, Julie Hood spoke to Bristol Housing Festival about the importance of carbon neutrality:

We are looking to partner with Bristol and the South West regions to create the most energy efficient neighbourhoods, allowing residents to experience the benefits of living in a warm, modern, comfortable zero carbon home which costs very little money to heat.  This will ensure local communities are not only doing their bit towards climate change, but assisting the country by producing much needed quality housing.

Visitors to the exhibition will also have the opportunity to explore themes that have been brought to national attention this summer in the ‘Homes at the heart’ campaign

NetZero Buildings are also proud to be a sponsor for the event.

Find out more about the Bristol Housing Festival here.