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7 questions with Samantha Goodyear

Meet Samantha Goodyear

Samantha is a Project Manager for NZB and joined the business in June 2020.

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Why were you interested in your role here at NZB?
It was a new and thriving company! The name NetZero Buildings embraces the awareness of carbon literacy which is incredibly important. I also loved the sound of the team I'd be working with.

What advice would you give to other women or younger female generations looking to get into the industry?
Go for it! Achieve the skills and qualifications necessary and choose the sector you want to gain the experience in. On the outset, you have to accept that you're entering a very male dominated industry, but tell yourself you can do it and that you have just as much to offer.

What’s your favourite part of your job?
Definitely working with the team! I also love knowing that the clients are satisfied at the end of a project. End results are always worth it, even if they have been a struggle along the way.

What do you think workplaces can do to be more inclusive of all genders?
I think that businesses need to make a clear commitment to gender inclusivity in the hiring and promotion process. If they show this from the outset, that creates a clear vision of how they choose to see gender neutrality in the workplace. 

How are you going to #ChooseToChallenge?
Shout out loud every morning ‘I CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE’ with my hand raised! I'm also going to continue to be responsible for my actions and thoughts and help and share the thoughts with my work colleagues.

Who was your female role model growing up?
I never really had one growing up, so chose to look up to high profile sportswomen, spokeswomen and females with political influence.

If you were having a dinner party, which female celebrities or historical figures would you invite to your table and why?
Jo Brand because she holds nothing back and is hilariously funny. Joan Collins because she looks amazing and I am sure we all need to know her hidden secrets and about her glamourous lifestyle! Hazel Hill - an incredible historical figure who is known for using her mathematical knowledge at the age of 13 which contributed to winning the Battle of Britain! Michelle Obama for being the first African-American First Lady during Barack Obama's presidency. She's very inspiring and independent in her own work. Lady Diana Spencer (Princess of Wales) because she was so very inspiring, helped lots of charities, was caring and understanding to others despite her own altercations in life. Finally, Madonna as she's incredibly talented, and not just a singer but a showgirl.

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