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Day in the life of Sonny Burrows

Can you introduce yourself, when you joined NetZero Buildings and give a brief description of your role at NetZero Buildings?

Hi, I’m Sonny. I am a manufacturing and engineering professional with experience across several high performing sectors. I joined NZB in January this year as Manufacturing Director. In the role, I look after the off-site manufacturing elements of the business as well as having board-level responsibility for Occupational Health, Safety and Quality. I have an active interest in supply chain matters and continuous improvement.


What is the one thing you love about working for NetZero Buildings?

The team here at NZB is highly collaborative and has a very diverse experience and knowledge base. This allows us to solve challenges quickly and constantly push the envelope of innovation. As a NetZero provider, we have a real opportunity to use this diverse and finely tuned skillset to positively impact our customers and the wider world.


Can you tell me about what it’s like working with the team at the Zero 1 factory in Newmarket?

The team at Zero 1 are very action orientated; we like to get things done! Every day is very different and we often pull together cross-functionally to drive things forward. On a more light-hearted note; in my first month or so I have found the team very friendly and eager to help new starters find their feet.


What training opportunities and skills learning is available at NetZero Buildings and have you received any since joining the business?

The opportunity to learn and progress your skillset is immense. We have the usual formal training that you would expect such as skills training for factory staff however we also offer a host of interesting and diverse learning opportunities. One example of this is our recently launched ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where an expert from within the team will cover a short, interesting subject during the lunch break giving us all an opportunity to learn about roles and areas that we might not otherwise have come across.


In three words how would you describe NetZero Buildings?

Innovative, Collaborative, Pioneering


When you tell your friends who you work for, what do you tell them?

As we offer such a leading-edge product it is often hard to explain to friends and family exactly what we do and do the team justice. I often signpost them to our website at and host a ‘dynamic Q&A’. 


How do you think NetZero Buildings is changing the future of construction?

We are leading the way in sustainable product development that meets some of the wider global needs. We have been at the leading edge of manufacturing NetZero buildings for several years; well before it became ‘trendy’.


What excites you most about working for NetZero Buildings?

The people at NZB are what makes it an interesting and exciting place to be. We have brought together people from all different industries including traditional construction, FMCG, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, defence and modular manufacturing. This makes the team very diverse in its knowledge base as well as building a very diverse business culture. There are lots of things we will learn from each other through shared experiences as we move forward on our growth journey.


What are the benefits of offsite build compared to traditional build?

The reduction in on-site time is a huge benefit. This is generally delivered through concurrently completing groundworks at the same time we manufacture the structure in controlled factory conditions. Some of the benefits of this include less interference on-site in terms of noise and transport which is a huge improvement for residents and school users as well as wider benefits to the environment through a reduction in carbon emissions from deliveries to the site etc. Offsite also allows us to greatly increase quality assurance through the use of manufacturing methodologies back in the factory.


What would you say to someone if they were thinking of joining NetZero Buildings?

Do it!! After being with the business for 2 months I have already learned a great deal from the rest of the team both in terms of my functional responsibilities and as part of the wider sustainability agenda.