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Day in the life of Jeremy Pearl

Can you introduce yourself, when you joined NetZero Buildings and give a brief description of your role at NetZero Buildings?
I'm Jeremy Pearl. I joined NetZero Buildings in Feb 2018. I'm the Health and safety manager at NetZero Buildings. It's my responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone that works for NetZero Buildings and anyone that is affected by NZB operations. This includes at the factory, our sites and the offices. I also work with HR and the senior management team to ensure we are legally compliant.

What is the one thing you love about working for NetZero Buildings?
I like the fact that our buildings are making a change for future generations. For example, my children. I also get a chance to do presentations at the schools we provide buildings for and local colleges to spread the word about how they can make a difference to the future by embracing a more sustainable attitude.

Can you tell me about what it’s like working with the team at the Zero 1 factory in Newmarket?
There is always something new happening so keeping the factory safe while doing innovative things is always an enjoyable challenge

What training opportunities and skills learning is available at NetZero Buildings and have you received any since joining the business?
I have constantly updated my training while working at NetZero Buildings. From NEBOSH to Mental Health First Aider. I have also received training to deliver Mental health awareness which I am quite passionate about. NetZero Buildings offers a variety of training to ensure our employees are compliant but also training opportunities for those that wish to better themselves.

In three words how would you describe NetZero Buildings?
Innovative. Modern. Inspiring.

When you tell your friends who you for, what do you tell them? 
That I work for an offsite construction company that designs, builds and installs carbon-neutral buildings.

How do you think NetZero Buildings is changing the future of construction?
NetZero Buildings are always pushing the boundaries to find innovative ways to challenge traditional building practices to bring the construction industry into a sustainable future.

What excites you most about working for NetZero Buildings?
Thinking about the change that is being made to construction practices, therefore, providing a better future for my children

What are the benefits of offsite build compared to traditional build?
The quality is much easier to control in factory conditions and the time spent on site is much less which is much less disruptive to the client and is less affected by external weather conditions.

What would you say to someone if they were thinking of joining NetZero Buildings?
Go with an open mind and be prepared to try new methods, question what you think is the right method to do it and challenge yourself to find a better more sustainable way of doing it