Net Zero Buildings have become a leader in educational funding for capital works.

Whether it is for standalone projects as part of a wider funding programme. We support schools and building consultants to enhance CIF applications.

Managing your school estate

Effective and well planned school estate management should lead to safe and well maintained school premises that provide appropriate teaching facilities, and a positive pupil experience.

There are three key approaches that combine to provide a present and future understanding of the school estate:

  • Day-to-day management – delivery of ongoing services and maintenance requirements to ensure that buildings operate as intended and support the continued delivery of education
  • Estate and buildings annual plan – producing an annual plan will help you manage and deliver the maintenance works and improvements that have been highlighted in the long term plan
  • Long term planning – where you consider future maintenance needs,projects and funding priorities for your buildings.

Dos and don’ts

  • Do make sure you know your buildings, carrying out the necessary surveys to inform your knowledge and understanding of them to help you prioritise work
  • Do have a detailed plan for your annual approach, supported by a longer term plan that ensures decisions offer value for money over the longer term
  • Do put in place an effective management and control framework for the safe and effective delivery of all maintenance activities and capital works
  • Don’t develop plans without understanding the costs of delivery and how they can be delivered to maximise value for money and a positive impact on education.