We provide a full lighting upgrade service

Our services are split broadly into:

  • LEDs
  • High efficiency fluorescents

ledsOur solutions

We offer both full fitting and retrofit for:

  • High bay/low bay LED replacement for metal halides in warehouse, manufacturing, and sports facilities.
  • High performance fluorescent tubes – ideal for offices, education, and healthcare.
  • LED replacement for tungsten halogen bulbs in hotels, retail, and leisure facilities.

As with every energy efficiency solution that we deliver, success is defined by the quality of the service, the transparency of the work that we do, and ultimately the quantifiable technical and financial gains made by the client.

How do we work?

Each energy efficient lighting project is preceded by a full design proposal with a clear impact assessment:

  • What are the product specifications?
  • What are the guarantees and warranties that accompany them?
  • What are the implications for maintenance post-installation?
  • What will be the resultant impact on light levels and the quality of the light output?
  • How much energy are you saving?
  • What is the long-term impact on your cash flow?

Every energy efficiency project we undertake to design, finance, and deliver needs to answer all of these questions to your absolute satisfaction; you as the client must believe in the savings.

We can also provide access to high quality independent measurement and verification services for all sizes and types of energy saving projects – including that which is in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).