Energy Efficient Boiler Replacement

The steady increase in energy prices is one very good reason to consider retiring your building’s old boiler in exchange for a brand new, energy efficient model.

There are different ways of going about this, but the impact could be huge:

  • Just by replacing your existing gas boiler with the latest, energy efficient models, you can expect an increase in efficiency of between 30 and 60%.
  • Converting from oil to gas boilers yields as much as 50% energy cost savings.

In effect, just by changing fuels, your new boiler will pay for itself.

How can we help?

Our full-service energy efficient boiler replacement, as with our other energy efficiency solutions, incorporates design, finance, and delivery of the new system.

1. Design.

An initial site visit (at no cost to the customer) will provide sufficient information on the existing heating system to run a desktop analysis assessing the viability of an upgrade or fuel change, providing an estimate of potential energy and cost savings.

The first site visit also informs a subsequent more detailed survey, introducing our network of specialist heating engineers, dealing with exhaust gas removal, asbestos survey and removal, and the issue of gas grid connection. This second survey will generate a proposal which fixes design and installation costs, recommends the best and most cost-effective technical solution, and analyses in detail the potential energy cost savings.

2. Finance.

We have worked hard to develop funding solutions for energy efficient capital projects, applicable to both the public and private sectors. We can ensure that you avoid upfront capital costs and do not need to worry about the on-going maintenance of the new boiler.

3. Deliver.

We will assign a specialist project manager to deliver each installation to the highest standard, directing all sub-contractors, dealing with the National Grid and utilities companies for new connections, and finally bringing in a commissioning engineer to review the successful installation and activate the project warranty and maintenance agreements.

Micro Combined Heat & Power (mCHP)

We use BlueGen, the world’s most efficient small-scale electricity generator.

It uses natural gas from the UK gas network to generate electricity within your own building, and significantly reduce the amount you need to buy from conventional electricity suppliers.

Heat created in the generation process will also provide up to 200 litres of hot water each day, reducing the energy required by your heating or hot water system.

BlueGen is much more efficient at generating and delivering electricity than the national grid. The gas it consumes to make electricity is significantly cheaper per unit than electricity purchased from the grid, so your bills and your carbon emissions can come down by up to 50%

BluGen benefits

  • BlueGen is classed as a micro combined heat and power system (mCHP).
  • It uses innovative fuel cell technology to separate natural gas into carbon and hydrogen using an electrochemical reaction that delivers clean, controllable, on-site electricity for either residential or business use.
  • It can produce up to 13,000 kWh of electricity per year.
  • BlueGen makes most sense where annual electricity demand is in excess of 10,000 kWh – within a single building or shared between multiple homes.
  • BlueGen is the only fuel cell based mCHP system approved for the UK government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) and you’ll be paid for every unit of power that you generate, plus an additional guaranteed payment for exporting power back to the grid.
  • The operational costs of BlueGen include the cost of natural gas consumed, which is typically 75% cheaper per kWh than electricity purchased from the grid, and an annual maintenance charge that includes all parts and labour.
  • The capital cost of installing BlueGen will be recovered from the cumulative savings made on the cost of your electricity and hot water and the income from the UK government’s Feed-in Tariff.