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Educational excellence with NetZero Buildings

Our proprietary and award-winning school building design is now the UK’s leading energy efficient educational building programme. In fact, we've designed and delivered over 100 new school buildings.

From our manufacturing facility in Newmarket, we design and off-site manufacture buildings. These multi-award-winning designs run at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions; generating clean energy and revenue through integrated renewable energy sources.

Choose from several standard designs for classrooms, theatres, dining rooms, sports facilities, Specialist Education Needs and other multi-functional education spaces. All of which you can lease or buy. Remarkably, we can assemble a standard classroom block on your school site in just a few days.

Top 10 essential benefits of NetZero Buildings

  • Affordable construction with zero running costs – ultra-low lifecycle costs
  • Airtight construction
  • Clean energy generation and revenue from integrated solar PV roofs
  • Multi-award-winning design
  • Meets the ESFA design and layout specification.
  • Negative carbon emissions asset rating
  • Excellent levels of insulation minimising heat loss
  • Rapid construction – we spend very little time on your school site
  • State-of-the-art energy efficient heating and cooling can cost just £5/m2 per annum to run
  • Zero running costs for energy. Significantly reduced maintenance costs.
Even on a pretty cold winter’s day, the building only cost about 25p to heat and light! School Governor, St John’s Church of England Primary School

Long-term funding

We can provide funding for your project through a range of ESFA compliant solutions.

How it works

  • ESFA requirements: our specialists provide hands-on support to ensure compliance
  • No capital outlay: we will fully fund the design, build and installation. Part funding can also be provided.
  • Low rental payments: we can spread the costs over a 20 year period
  • Fixed rent for 20 years: rent payments reduce in real terms
  • Rent offset by savings: more than 50% of rent is covered by energy and running cost benefits
  • Value for money: independently verified by leading consultancies
Capital funding is now no longer a barrier. We can help school leaders access a variety of different funding sources including long-term funding packages. This is a real breakthrough for our clients.

Case Studies

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If you’re an Academy or School Group exploring new building and estates development, we’d love to meet you for a coffee to talk more about the benefits of partnering with NetZero Buildings. So why not contact us today for an informal chat?  

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