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Architectural Technician

Through forward thinking, innovative technology and energy efficient off-site manufactured buildings, we are transforming the speed, cost and environmental impact of new buildings. Everything we do aims to advance this ambition.  We have a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Architectural Technician to join our design team near Cambridge.

Working as part a design team, under the leadership of the Design Manager, the Architectural Technician will work closely with the Architects, specialist consultants and BIM design specialist to perform a variety of tasks, predominantly in the pre-construction phase of projects, helping to ensure the clients’ requirements and specific Employers’ requirements are interpreted correctly and that the schemes produced reflect both the clients’ needs and the company’s proprietary build system and environmental technologies.

Job Title: Architectural Technician 

Location: Newmarket/London

Reports to: Design Team Manager

Hours of work: 37.5 hours 9:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

Salary range:  £25,000 - £34,000

Primary Responsibilities

The Architectural Technician will be responsible for interpreting the requirements of the customer and the Architects to ensure that the products, components and parts designed meet these requirements and comply with appropriate building codes, regulations and other relevant compliance standards.

  • Under the guidance of the Design Manager, liaise with internal and external customers, end users, statutory bodies and design consultants to ensure smooth delivery of the project through all stages of design

  • Assist on all stages of the new product design process to control and interrogate the activities of external design consultants and internal design team members. 

  • Providing expert technical advice, maintaining consistent link to the end users, clients and statutory bodies 

  • Identify and manage risks identifying design solutions to eliminate, reduce or control risks during the construction and final operation of the building 

  • Liaise with internal and external clients, end users, statutory bodies and design consultants to ensure smooth delivery of the project through all stages of design. 

  • Participate actively design team meetings

  • Comply with the processes stipulated under the company’s BOPAS and other Quality Assurance Processes, liaising with all relevant bodies as required

  • Work with internal and external designers to discharge any conditions or approvals.
  • Provide information and support to achieve/maintain BOPAS or other accreditation scheme compliance
  • Work with a variety of specialist consultants including but not limited to:
    • Structural Engineers
    • Acousticians
    • Fire Safety Engineers
    • Carbon Consultants
    • BREEAM Assessors
    • Mechanical Designers
    • Electrical Designers
    • Architects

  • Ensure that projects are delivered in accordance with NetZero Buildings’ BIM Protocols

  • To work in a safe and sensible manner within the boundaries of the Company Health and Safety Policy and any additional site restrictions

This is an outline description of the key responsibilities and accountabilities involved in the job. This is not an exhaustive list and the post-holder might be expected to undertake any other duties across the wider organisation, commensurate with level of responsibility of this post, for which the post holder has the necessary experience and/or training

General Duties

Diversity and Promoting Dignity at Work

NetZero Buildings recognises the contribution of all employees to deliver our Business. We expect staff to value and respect diversity and to respond to the differing and diverse needs of others. We aim to have an environment free of bullying or harassment which would create an intimidating and unpleasant atmosphere impacting on staff wellbeing.

All forms of bullying and harassment are unacceptable and will not be tolerated

Professional and Personal Development

All staff will have a formal appraisal with their manager, on an annual basis. Once performance/training objectives have been set, the individuals progress will be reviewed on a regular basis so that new objectives can be agreed and set, in order to maintain progress.

Those with management/supervisory responsibility are required to ensure that their direct reports have an appraisal.

Health and Safety

All staff have a responsibility to maintain health and safety of self and others within the performance of duties in accordance with NZB health and safety policies, and to undertake specific health and safety responsibilities as directed. All staff have a responsibility to adhere to the Risk Management Policies & Procedures.

All staff are required to contribute to the control of risk, and must report immediately any incident, accident or near miss to the NetZero Buildings Health and Safety Manager.

All staff are required to adhere to NetZero Buildings 5 point PPE standards.

Working on Non-NetZero Buildings Premises

All staff when working on non-NZB premises are bound by NZB policies and procedures.


To be familiar with and comply with all NZB policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines.

Person Specification

Qualifications Essential or Desirable
Degree in an architectural, engineering or science-based discipline Essential
MCIAT Desirable
Experience Essential or Desirable
At least 3 - 5 years post graduate experience, in a practice or business operating in the Educational building or residential housing sectors Essential
Experience in the design of sustainable, carbon neutral, energy positive buildings Desirable
Working knowledge of CDM 2015 Regulations Essential
Knowledge of Building Regulations and BOPAS accreditation scheme Essential
Full working knowledge of BIM modelling software, ideally ArchiCAD or Revit Essential
Experience within Offsite and Modern Methods of Construction Desirable
Personal skills/abilities Essential or Desirable
Positive, self-motivated and able to work effectively without close supervision Essential
With the ability to work as part of a multi-functional team, respecting alternative professional skills and opinions Essential
Excellent communications skills, oral, written and using PowerPoint or similar Essential
Ability to travel as required Essential

NZB Competency Framework: Architectural Technician


Mandatory Training

Course Delivered Refresh Method
Corporate Induction Within 1st Month N/A Face to face
Equality and Diversity At Induction 2 years Face to face
Health and Safety Awareness At Induction 1 years E-Learning
Fire Safety At Induction 1 years E-Learning
Manual Handling At Induction 1 years E-Learning
Mental Health Awareness At Induction 2 years Face to face
Appraisal Training Within 3 months of starting N/A Face to face
Accident Reporting At induction Annually Face to face

Behavioural Competencies


Fairness, Inclusion and Respect

Treats everyone with respect and dignity. Openly and willingly listens to the views of others. Considers the impact of their own actions on others. Challenges inappropriate behaviour. Polite, patient and tolerant when dealing with others. Ensures processes and procedures are in place to promote fairness, inclusion and respect.


Works Collaboratively

Demonstrates an interest in others and develops contacts outside of their own team. Shares own knowledge openly and freely. Proactively seeks information, resources and support from outside own team. Takes time to understand the work of other departments. Understands how actions may impact on others and actively seeks to engage with them. Listens to others and regularly checks their understanding.


Drives for results

Ensures they are clear about what is expected of them. Organises and plans their work effectively and efficiently to deal with both the expected and unexpected. Alerts colleagues to potential problems in meeting deadlines and suggests solutions. Produces work of a consistently high standard, checks own work. Looks for solutions when encountering problems. Sees tasks through to completion.


Building Capability

Takes responsibility for own development, reviews own performance and identifies development needs. Seeks to develop new skills and experiences. Learns from and acts on constructive feedback. Helps others by sharing own knowledge and experience. Makes effective use of the full range of development opportunities. Promotes and delivers development opportunities for staff. Ensure and promote the value of the appraisal process.



Innovation, change and agility

Is not afraid to constructively question or challenge. Demonstrates enthusiasm for change and a willingness to get involved. Readily exchanges information with others across the business. Readily contributes ideas or suggestions for improvement. Is open to new ideas and asks questions to confirm understanding. Willingly adopts own working practices to support changes.


Communication with impact

Conveys information clearly and concisely in an appropriate format. Speaks clearly and effectively to different audiences. Conveys energy and enthusiasm about their work. Asks open questions to appreciate others points of view. Confidently handles challenging conversations. Quickly puts others at ease and builds rapport.


Customer Focus

Proactively keeps customers informed with timely and appropriate feedback. Identifies and clarifies individual customer needs. Is honest and realistic with customers. Do not over promise. Treat all customers with courtesy and respect. Resolves customer enquiries promptly only referring to others when genuinely appropriate. Apologises when services or products do not meet requirements.


Effective Decision Making 

Makes effective decisions following appropriate criteria. Ask questions when unsure of correct approach. Investigates and responds to gaps in information. Undertakes appropriate analysis to support decisions or recommendations. Understands where to go and who to involve if further information is required. Thinks through implications of own decisions.

Technical/Role Specific Competencies

Education Essential or Desirable
Degree in an architectural, engineering or science-based discipline Essential
Functional Skill Detail Approach
Reading technical drawings Skills demonstrated through essential qualifications Assessed at appointment
Producing product/service specifications Evidenced through work examples Internal feedback and mentoring to develop skills further
Knowledge on BIM Modelling software Use of ARCHICAD at NZB. ARCHICAD Essentials Course

How we recruit

If you have seen a vacancy you would like to be apply for please complete the following application for and equal opportunities monitoring form and return to [email protected]

Equality and Diversity Application Form

The qualifications listed in the job description are there to help you select the role that best fits your background and aspirations, so pay close attention and outline how you meet these requirements.

You will have an initial remote interview with either the recruiting manager, a nominated representative or HR. This is expected to last approx. 30 minutes to seek clarification on the application is required and provide information about the role.

If you progress through the remote interview you will be invited to a face to face interview with the recruiting manager and HR. You will be given to opportunity to meet colleagues and if a practical element of assessment is included you will be made aware of this at invite. Throughout the interview process, feel free to ask your interviewers for clarification. Ask questions—about the work, about the team, about the culture.

After your interviews are done, the panel review your application, interview feedback and scores, any work samples you submitted and any practical assessment undertaken. Once the recommendation for hire is complete this is finally approved by the relevant Director to provide another layer of objectivity and review.