Net Zero Buildings, the new name for UK Energy Partners. We recently changed our company name to underline our commitment to delivering the zero carbon building.

“Firstly, let’s not spend too much time worrying about the planet. The planet is fine. It’s been bobbing along for four billion years and has happily survived millions of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis, along with continental drift, asteroid strikes and two ice ages that we know of.

It will recover from the temperature fluctuations that a changing climate brings and it will certainly outlast its current inhabitants. During its four billion years, however, it has created unimaginably vast stores of fossilised matter that is extracted and burnt to power the world’s economies. In the last 200 years, we have devoured half of it, warming up the planet by four degrees in the process.

If we warm it up by a further two degrees, sea levels will rise by 20 metres, which will trigger a sequence of devastating events: one third of the world’s population will be displaced and drought, disease and famine will take more lives than the total number of people killed in every war, ever fought since the dawn of man. If we continue along our current trajectory, we will deplete the world’s supply of fossil fuel in less than 60 years and overshoot the (two degrees) threshold by 2050.

CO2 emissions are the primary cause of climate change and burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of CO2 emissions. Just under 40% of emissions are caused by transportation and just over 40% are due to the built environment. In transportation, Tesla and other enlightened automotive businesses are driving the transition to the net zero vehicle. After 10 years, they are finally making an impact which is poised to accelerate exponentially as battery production scales and costs continue to fall. But what about the transition to the net zero building? Well that’s our mission at Net Zero Buildings.

We have become a leading player in the transition to the net zero building, specifically within the UK’s schools estate. No company has built more zero carbon or zero energy buildings and no other company has solved the challenge of delivering them without the associated price premium.

The net zero building is our mission. Everything we do aims to advance this mission. When our Energy Solutions team install a new lighting solution they are moving the client building, albeit slowly, down a path towards carbon neutrality. When we install a new Schoolhaus®, we are obviously delivering on the mission, but we are also improving the carbon profile of the whole estate within which the new Schoolhaus® sits, because now some of the estate’s energy is ‘home-made’ or self-generated. Clean, renewable energy.

At some point, the world’s governments will recognise the need to act in a concerted way to reverse climate change but, in the meantime, it’s left to the world of business. Some great businesses are focused on this problem and we are committed to joining them on the front line of this enormous challenge. We are already making a difference but we can do so much more – we will continue to research and push boundaries, to constantly move forward and play our part in leading the transition to the net zero building.”

– Neil Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Net Zero Buildings