The impact of our design and build techniques are little understood in the traditional world of construction.

Schoolhaus® scores ‘off the scale’ in terms of zero carbon and ultra-low lifecycle costs (cost of ownership) and two recently published independent reports substantiate the key facts.

The separate and independent reports – by international engineering consultancies MAMG and Arup – audited Schoolhaus® to compare them with standard school buildings.

The findings

This table shows the combined lifecycle and operation and maintenance (O&M) modelled savings – over 10, 20 and 50 years – for single storey and double storey Schoolhaus® projects compared to benchmark (similar) typical or traditional school buildings, all completed in the last 10 years.


MAMG Consultancy independently reviewed the O&M costs of recently built Schoolhaus® projects. This considered capital replacement costs of elements and the annual statutory and planned maintenance costs over 20 years. Costs were compared to industry benchmarks for educational facilities in England.

For Schoolhaus® projects, significant efficiencies were identified:

  • For single storey projects, the O&M costs (estimated as averaging £7.58/m2 pa) were approximately 56% less than the mean benchmark range;
  • Two storey projects (estimated as averaging £10.93/m2 pa) were approximately 32% less than the mean of the benchmark range.

The analysis concluded that this was the result of efficient design; superstructure and quality of building services.

The report and review also considered lifecycle profile and replacement. MAMG created a Lifecycle Cost Model reflecting the Building Cost Information Service, known as BCIS, Elemental Standard Form of Cost Analysis 4th (NRM) Edition.

The life expectancies for various building elements were extracted from the BCIS Life Expectancy of Building Components publication. This provides data on the typical minimum and maximum life for building elements. For the mechanical and electrical (M&E) components, we apply CIBSE Guide M, which provides data on the economic life of components.

CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) publish details on the requirements to undertake maintenance to achieve compliance with statutory legislation, and MAMG have used these to benchmark Schoolhaus® O&M costs against other school properties.

Their findings state Schoolhaus® delivers O&M savings including soft FM services of £9.76 per m2 pa for a single storey building and £5.05 for a double storey.

Schoolhaus® lifecycle cost savings


Arup recently completed (March 2017) an independent appraisal of energy efficiency and utility expenditure within the UK school estate, based on published data. Their report used standard industry benchmarks and contrasted them with the performance of Schoolhaus®.

Arup concluded that (because of outstanding insulation and solar generation) Schoolhaus® generates more value than the cost of the electricity consumed, creating a net annual income. And a Schoolhaus® building has a more favourable rating than any other specific site assessment ever recorded through the Arup Buildings in Operation programme. Even when we ignore the added-value contribution of on-site renewables, the building comfortably surpasses the rating set by the Department for Education (DfE) .

Their findings estimate that Schoohaus® generates more revenue (from renewable energy) than the cost of the electricity consumed over a year, with an annual net income of £500 per 100m2 per year. This compares to average RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) data which shows a net utility cost of £600 per 100m2 per year for a typical new school building, ie a difference of £1,100 per 100m2 per year.

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