We can provide funding for Schoolhaus® via a range of ESFA compliant solutions, of up to 20 years.

Our long-term funding means the annual payments required can be reduced considerably and funded through pupils revenue funding.

  • ESFA requirements: our specialists provide hands-on support to ensure compliance
  • No capital outlay: we will fully fund the design, build and installation of Schoolhaus®. Part funding can also be provided.
  • Low rental payments: we can spread the costs over a 20 year period
  • Fixed rent for 20 years: rent payments reduce in real terms
  • Rent offset by savings: more than 50% of rent is covered by energy and running cost benefits
  • Value for money: independently verified by leading consultancies

Schoolhaus® is an appealing solution for most schools with its very low ongoing utilities and maintenance costs, in addition to the energy generation from Schoolhaus®’ solar and other renewable features.

“We have been engaging with the ESFA through our education specialist lawyers over the last few months and are delighted to have secured the ESFA’s approval for our 20 year operating lease solution for Schoolhaus®. This is a real breakthrough for our clients, who we’re now able to help access our ultra-energy efficient classroom blocks affordably, without any capital outlay, through their pupil premium and annual grant allocations.”

– Osman Yousef, Chief Financial Officer, Net Zero Buildings